Occupational Health and Safety Code

The Occupational Health and Safety Code provides specific technical health and safety rules and requirements for Alberta workplaces.

Alberta Regulation 191/2021

Part 2 Hazard Assessment, Elimination and Control



Hazard assessment



An employer must assess a work site and identify existing and potential hazards before work begins at the work site or prior to the construction of a new work site.


An employer must prepare a report of the results of a hazard assessment and the methods used to control or eliminate the hazards identified.


An employer must ensure that the date on which the hazard assessment is prepared or revised is recorded on it.


An employer must ensure that the hazard assessment is repeated

(a) at reasonably practicable intervals to prevent the development of unsafe and unhealthy working conditions,

(b) when a new work process is introduced,

(c) when a work process or operation changes, or

(d) before the construction of significant additions or alterations to a work site.




Worker participation



An employer must involve affected workers in the hazard assessment and in the control or elimination of the hazards identified.




Hazard elimination and control



If an existing or potential hazard to workers is identified during a hazard assessment, an employer must take measures in accordance with this section to

(a) eliminate the hazard, or

(b) if elimination is not reasonably practicable, control the hazard.


If reasonably practicable, an employer must eliminate or control a hazard through the use of engineering controls.


If a hazard cannot be eliminated or controlled under subsection (2), the employer must use administrative controls that control the hazard to a level as low as reasonably achievable.


If the hazard cannot be eliminated or controlled under subsection (2) or (3), the employer must ensure that the appropriate personal protective equipment is used by workers affected by the hazard.


If the hazard cannot be eliminated or controlled under subsection (2), (3) or (4), the employer may use a combination of engineering controls, administrative controls or personal protective equipment if there is a greater level of worker safety because a combination is used.


Emergency control of hazard



If emergency action is required to control or eliminate a hazard that is dangerous to the safety or health of workers,

(a) only those workers competent in correcting the condition, and the minimum number necessary to correct the condition, may be exposed to the hazard, and

(b) every reasonable effort must be made to control the hazard while the condition is being corrected.


Section 7(2) and (3) do not apply to an emergency response during the period that emergency action is required.