Occupational Health and Safety Code

The Occupational Health and Safety Code provides specific technical health and safety rules and requirements for Alberta workplaces.

Alberta Regulation 191/2021

Part 31 Diving Operations






This Part applies to diving operations performed by workers who are diving at a work site.


This Part does not apply to sport or recreational diving or to a person instructing others in sport or recreational diving.


If the requirements of this Part conflict with a requirement under another Part, the requirements of this Part prevail.


Employer responsibilities



An employer must ensure that diving operations meet the requirements of

(a) CSA Standard CAN/CSA Z275.1‑05, Hyperbaric Facilities,

(b) CSA Standard CAN/CSA Z275.2‑04, Occupational Safety Code for Diving Operations, and

(c) CSA Standard CAN/CSA Z275.4‑02, Competency Standard for Diving Operations.


425 - 436 Repealed




Intakes, pipes and tunnels



Despite Clause of CSA Standard Z275.2‑04, Competency Standard for Diving Operations, an employer must ensure that the flow through the intake of a pipe, tunnel, duct or similar installation in the vicinity of a dive

(a) is stopped and the intake mechanism is locked out before the dive begins, and

(b) is not restarted until after the diver leaves the water.


438 - 440 Repealed